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Coleen Sterritt Shows New Work in Chinatown

Coleen Sterritt piece in "Decomposition"

Coleen Sterritt piece in “Decomposition”

Coleen Sterritt, one of the artists featured in “Young Turks,” is showing a new sculpture as part of a group show at a Chinatown Gallery.

Decomposition“Decomposition,” showing now through July 12, 2013, at Fellows of Contemporary Art on North Broadway, was curated by Constance Mallinson. Besides Sterritt, it includes work by Jonathon Hornedo, Doug Harvey, Marie Thibeault, Yvette Gellis, Nikko Mueller, Nancy Evans and Mallinson.

According to FOCA’s website: “The works vary in approach from abstract painting to figurative painting to sculpture, and engage debates ranging from how ‘contemporary’ can suggest political content and help shape perceptions on current issues, to nostalgia and its relationship to loss, and to the representation of decay and its connections to aesthetics.”

Sterritt’s piece involves the systematic destruction of a hollow-core door then reassembled in a different and dramatic shape. In “Young Turks,” Sterritt explains how her work at the time of shooting the documentary (1977-1981) would both entice and repel the viewer simultaneously, creating a conflicted emotional reaction. Her piece in “Decomposition” has a similar inviting/off-putting dichotomy: A door offers access to a new place, but deconstructing that door and fusing it back into an unnatural shape removes its function and forces the viewer to see it in a different, nonfunctional light.

“Decomposition” continues through July 12.

Curators Lab Exhibition Space
Fellows of Contemporary Art
970 N. Broadway, Suite 208
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 808-1008

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