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In Your Face Exhibit at Angel City Brewery

"Al's Bar" photocollage by Pamela Wilson and Stephen Seemayer, 2013 (detail)

“Al’s Bar” photocollage by Pamela Wilson and Stephen Seemayer, 2013 (detail)

“Young Turks” filmmakers Pamela Wilson and Stephen Seemayer are among a group of artists featured in a new exhibit opening this week at Angel City Brewery.

April 11-June 9, 2013 at Angel City Brewery

April 11-June 9, 2013, at Angel City Brewery

Sponsored by the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space and Angel City Brewery, “In Your Face” will run April 11 through June 9. In addition to Wilson and Seemayer, it features works about the downtown environment by Carlton Davis, Ed Glendenning and Irving Greines, and was curated by Jonathan Jerald of the District Arts Gallery.

Jerald describes the show as a visual tribute to the downtown art scene of the 1970s and ’80s and long-gone places like Al’s Bar, the Atomic Café and the Art Dock.

Wilson and Seemayer will display photocollages focusing on the transient nature of the downtown landscape. Made up of images from “Young Turks,” the works feature people and places that no longer exist.

Glendenning, Greines and Davis will exhibit photographs of the urban wilderness, including images from Davis’ recent book, “The Art Dockuments,” which chronicles the lifespan of the “world’s first drive-by art gallery.”

The opening reception for “In Your Face” will be Thursday, April 11, 630 p.m. to 10 p.m., and will feature a performance by Society for Experimental Music.

April 11-June 9, 2013
Angel City Brewery
216 S. Alameda Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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