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Who Are the “Young Turks”?

The subjects of Stephen Seemayer’s 1981 documentary film “Young Turks”: (from left) Randy Johnsen, John Schroeder, James Croak, Jon Peterson, Marc Kreisel, Woods Davy, The Light Bob, Andy Wilf, Monique Safford, Seemayer, Coleen Sterritt, The Dark Bob and Linda Burnham.

In addition to himself, the following artists are featured in performance artist Stephen Seemayer’s 1981 documentary film “Young Turks”:

Bob & Bob, a performance art duo whose observations on American culture were laced with humor and irony

Linda Burnham, a poet and publisher of High Performance magazine

James Croak, a large-scale sculptor who lived in a fire station in the heart of Skid Row

Woods Davy, whose precarious yet elegant sculptures mixed manmade and natural elements

Eric “Randy” Johnsen, the “Action Critic,” who never met a painting he didn’t want to destroy

Marc Kreisel, a mixed-media conceptual artist and owner of the legendary punk-rock dive Al’s Bar

Jon Peterson, who placed his sculptural “bum shelters” around the alleys and vacant lots of Skid Row

Monique Safford, a conceptual artist and photographer who incorporated the literary with the visual

John Schroeder, who combined fossils and other remnants of life in moving, poetic assemblages

Coleen Sterritt, whose sculptures’ decorative, colorful surfaces belie their menacing structure

Andy Wilf, an expressionist painter whose personal demons infused every canvas

These were not the only artists living downtown in the 1970s and ’80s, they were just some of the artists Seemayer knew best.


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